Sweeten up Ramadan with our Eid Collection

Now is the time to gather your friends and family around you and celebrate Eid with our delicious treats! Let’s take a look at what our bakers have come up with in honour of the occasion:

Eid Cupcakes

Spread love and joy far and wide with our Eid cupcakes, which are the perfect celebration gift to end Ramadan. We have topped our signature vanilla sponges with vibrant, purple vanilla buttercream and decorated them with stars, moons and edible Eid Mubarak toppers.


You can purchase our Eid cupcakes individually, or in gold ribbon-wrapped gift boxes of 4 and 6.


If you are after something a little larger, our bakers have also designed two gorgeous layer cakes: 

Stars and Moon Layer Cake

The best part of Eid is that it brings people together. If you are having a gathering, why not sweeten up the occasion and surprise your loved ones with our Stars and Moon Layer Cake?!  


Moon Layer Cake

Wish your family nothing but happiness on this special day by treating them to our dreamy Moon Layer Cake, which is delicately piped by hand and made with love. 


Our Eid cupcakes and layer cakes are available to order now and will be on sale in both stores from 13th – 16th June.

To pre-order, call us on 0161 832 0260, email hello@heylittlecupcake.co.uk or bob over to either our Spinningfields shop or Selfridges Trafford concession and chat to one of our lovely staff!

Please note: Our products for Eid do not contain alcohol or gelatine. However, we do sometimes handle alcohol in our kitchen and therefore we are not Halal certified.


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