A Day in the Life at Hey Little Cupcake!

Hey Little Cupcake

A day in the life of a HLC team member is more often than not, jam packed – sometimes literally – with cupcakes, layer cakes, rainbow cakes and brownies; and that’s just the kitchen team… we also have a small army of delivery drivers and front of house staff thrown into the mix! At HLC, tasks are shared out amongst the team, making each day run as efficiently as possible. Let’s take a look at 8 different roles you’ll see going on at any one time in our business:

Cupcake Baker

At 7am sharp every day, the HLC kitchen promptly buzzes to life. In the blink of an eye, aprons and hair nets are swiftly slipped on, the ovens are awoken from their slumber, exhaling a sleepy roar as their fans jump into action and lines upon lines of cupcake trays are nimbly filled, with what could go on to become the silver lining to someone’s day, a thoughtful gift, the centrepiece to a celebration or simply just a lunchtime treat.


Our bakers’ main duty revolves around the countless cupcakes, which are baked fresh for the shop, as well as for our Selfridges concession in the Trafford Centre. This can sometimes involve creating as many as 15 different flavours a day – and that’s not including customised orders!


Once the initial rush has washed over the shop and lunchtime has been and gone, our bakers can usually reassess which areas need attention and which fellow team members need a helping hand, organising the days remaining tasks and mucking in where needed, before hanging up their aprons until next time.


The kitchen is filled with a chorus of mixers, rapidly beating butter and sugar into pale, fluffy clouds; and the clattering of cake tins and brownie trays only adds to the tempo, along with the heavy thuds of newly delivered sacks of flour, the tap-tap-cracking of eggs and the chiming of multiple timers for multiple projects, reverberating around the walls.


Behind clouds of icing sugar and piles of egg shells, you’ll discover the designated mixer for the day; generating bags upon bags of fresh batter and buttercream, impressively whipped up from memory over the course of their shift.

Brownie Baker

Spread across the counters, you’ll find trays of brownie at various stages of completion. Stacked high; some patiently waiting for their turn to bake, some ready to be embellished with mouth-watering layers of caramel and chocolate and others ready to be cut with sheer precision – a wonderfully therapeutic task for some.

Hey Little Cupcake

Hey Little Cupcake

Cake Baker

Stock cakes and customer orders are baked, cut, stacked accordingly and decorated at lightening speed. Sometimes there are so many, they spill out of the kitchen, temporarily lining the tables and benches in the front of the shop, eagerly awaiting their rainbow rose toppings, additional treats and sugarpaste creations, each more intricate than the last.



Delivery Driver

You’ll always find one of our delivery drivers buzzing around the city. Two to three deliveries are sent to the Trafford Centre every single day and between trips, city centre orders are taken to their rightful owners, be they corporate treats or personal gifts! Occasionally, our van can be seen further afield, delivering beautiful wedding cakes to rural manor houses and county clubs across the North-West.


Front of House

Our busy front of house team are a the first port of call for our customers and bakers alike. Spread across our two locations, they serve the hungry hoards at Selfridges and Spinningfields, process customer orders, hold wedding consultations, answer never ending phone calls and emails, order stock and generally keep the entire business organised and flowing.



Sugarpaste Artist

Our sugarpaste artists create some of the most intricate designs for our cupcakes and cakes. From delicate figurines to fun lettering, their work is what helps to make our treats come alive and truly stand out above the rest!


The Big Boss, HLC’s Director


Sarah Wilson-Gibbons is the brains behind Hey Little Cupcake! and regularly works over 12 hour days juggling motherhood and her business, ensuring both get an equal amount of attention and love. Here’s a glimpse at a typical day in her life:

At 7am my alarm goes off, unless my little boy, Oliver, has already woken me up at 5am! I’ll briefly catch up on social media, emails and check in with the morning bakers over messages, before heading to the shower. After a much needed coffee and a light breakfast, I’ll re-set the house (as I like to call it) and get Oliver ready for the day. 

At 10:30am I will either start work or set off for work; wherever that may be!


A day at home generally consists of anything from admin, invoicing, planning new collections and organising staff timetables, to emails, emails and more emails! 

If I’m out for the day, you may find me at HLC organising the kitchen and checking in with staff, visiting the Trafford Centre Selfridges store, experimenting with new flavours and designs in the kitchen, hosting cupcake classes or attending meetings.


At around 6pm I’ll drive home or start dinner; me and my husband, Jack, take it in turns. I’ll play with Oliver, which normally involves building or making something. After dinner we always have a walk around our village as a family, for fresh air and exercise.

Oliver goes up for a bath and bedtime while I jump back to my desk for an evening of admin and planning for the next day. I make sure to break to give Oliver his milk and read him one of his favourite nighttime stories.


As 10pm approaches, I begin to wind down and finish at my desk. I head upstairs, get ready for bed and then pop on an episode of some American drama on the TV. At 12pm, it’s lights out and sleep, before doing it all again the next day! 

Day after day, the staff at Hey Little Cupcake! work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring the people of Manchester and surrounds, can have their cakes and eat them too!

Celebrate our birthday month with us! Visit our blog post; HLC Turns 8 this August! | The Birthday Collection for all the latest news, as well as freebies, competitions and much, much more! 

If you’d like to place an order, please visit our website and fill in the online order form, call us on 0161 832 0260 or bob over to either our Spinningfields shop or Selfridges Trafford concession and chat to one of our lovely staff!


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