Recipe: HLC’s Birthday Blondie Brownie

The bakers at Hey Little Cupcake! wanted to come up with an extra special Blondie recipe to celebrate our 8th Birthday this year. Crammed full of extra fun treats, our Birthday Blondie Brownie is a white chocolate blondie base with sprinkles and Ruby chocolate chips topped with white chocolate KitKats, blue and pink Smarties, Party Rings and Golden Oreos!


Blondie Ingredients

200g unsalted butter
250g light brown soft sugar
100g light brown muscovado sugar
200g white chocolate
275g plain flour
3 eggs
1tsp vanilla


Ruby chocolate chips
White chocolate KitKats
Golden Oreos
Party Rings


Pre-heat oven to 150 C.

Whip sugar and eggs together until thoroughly combined and slightly foamy.

Stir in flour.

Melt white chocolate and butter together until all lumps have disappeared.

Add chocolate/butter and vanilla extract to the rest of the ingredients mix well.

Pour blondie mix into grease proof paper lined baking tray. And scatter sprinkles and Ruby chocolate chips across the top of the mixture.


Bake for 1 hour 30 minutes until light crust forms on top of the blondie (you still want the centre to be a bit gooey!)

Remove from oven and carefully push in the KitKats, Smarties, Oreos and Party Rings.


Once cooled, cut into squares and enjoy!


Celebrate our birthday month with us! Tag @HLCupcake in your Birthday Blondie bakes! Feeling lazy? Head to either of our stores to pick up a freshly baked slice now! 

If you’d like to place an order, please visit our website and fill in the online order form, call us on 0161 832 0260 or bob over to either our Spinningfields shop or Selfridges Trafford concession and chat to one of our lovely staff!


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