The Perfect Christmas Stocking Filler

From basic toppers to complex figurines; here at HLC, our bakers regularly create beautiful sugar paste decorations, for our shop cupcakes and customer orders alike.

We produce everything lovingly by hand, and our brand of choice is Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing, which comes in a plethora of colours, is easy to use and also tastes great!

Recently, we discovered a sugar paste accessory that has become an absolute game changer for our busy bakers…


FMM‘s Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter is a revolutionary cutter with an all-in-one design. It has helped us to make an endless variety of cute animal faces to top our cupcakes. All it takes is our favourite sugar paste, some edible glue and a little imagination and creativity!


It’s versatility has proven invaluable, especially amongst our small, bustling team, who make everything from scratch each day.

With this single cutter, we were able to create this adorable collection of woodland creatures for a customer, which included a fox, owl, badger and deer.



Another firm favourite were these cheeky little piggy toppers!


Using the 60mm face shape as a base, the cutter allows you to build up an array of features. You can experiment with different shaped eyes, noses (or snouts), ears, horns, beaks, fins and feet; you can add patterns such as stripes, and create textures, like a curly mane or wool effect. The possibilities are endless!

You can purchase the FMM Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter from our Spinningfields store. We think that it would make the perfect stocking filler for any budding baker!

If you love these designs (or have your own ideas) and would like to place an order, please visit our website and fill in the online order form, call us on 0161 832 0260 or bob over to either our Spinningfields shop or Selfridges Trafford concession and chat to one of our lovely staff!   


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