Our Golden Oldies are Back for 2019!

Happy Yew Year readers!

As we roll into 2019, we are keeping the annual tradition of bringing back our favourite flavours for the month of January. We call this our Golden Oldies Collection, because although they may be old news, they are still as popular as ever! Here’s what’s on offer:

Macaroon Cupcake


Feel fancy with this fabulously French treat! The chocolate sponge is filled with raspberry coulis, topped with almond buttercream and delicately decorated with raspberry chocolate and a macaroon.

S’mores Cupcake


We last saw this classic cupcake in our Royal Wedding Collection. The traditional campfire treat combines biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows; so, our S’more cupcake has a chocolate and biscuit sponge filled with rich chocolate ganache and is topped with fluffy marshmallow meringue and a Hershey chocolate!

Sticky Toffee Cupcake


Another treat from the Royal Wedding Collection and the perfect winter pud. The traditional sticky toffee sponge is filled with custard and topped with a creamy buttercream, toffee drizzle and caramel sprinkles!

Cinderella Cupcake


Making a comeback from our Disney Collection, just like Cinderella, this classic vanilla cupcake comes with its very own glass slipper; only this one is edible!

Biscoff Cupcake 


Biscoff is back, because we can’t get enough of it! We have filled the vanilla sponge with Biscoff Spread, topped it with Biscoff buttercream and popped a Lotus Biscuit on top with some added crumbs to finish it off!

Millionnaires Cupcake 


Feel like a million dollars with this blast from the past! The vanilla biscuit sponge is filled with oozy caramel and then topped with caramel buttercream dipped in melted milk chocolate. Heavenly.

Party Ring Cupcake 


The Party Ring cupcake is dripping with sweetness. The classic vanilla sponge and buttercream is decorated with two of your favourite treats, as well as a generous drizzle of melted candy.

Other goodies

As well as our main cupcake collection, we’ve also got some bonus treats making a comeback!

Vegan Chocolate Cupcake


Our much-loved vegan chocolate cupcake is back to help you stay on track this Veganuary!

Rainbow Brownie 


We’re brightening up those January blues by bringing back our most colourful brownie!

Cookie Layer Cake 


Our Cookie layer cake is available by the slice at our Selfridges Trafford Centre concession. Want a whole one? Contact us on the details below!

If you’d like to place an order, please visit our website and fill in the online order form, call us on 0161 832 0260 or bob over to either our Spinningfields shop or Selfridges Trafford concession and chat to one of our lovely staff! 


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